Representing the Norse God, Tyr in sci-fi armour. Tyr proudly carries the banner of the Asgardian wolf lords into battle, upon it, the great wolf Fenrir against a hunter's moon. Tyr helped his fellow Asgardians trap Fenrir, capturing the creature with a magical leash. In order to get the leash around the beast's neck, one of his captor's had to place their hand in Fenrir's mouth as a sign of trust. Tyr was the only one brave enough to do so, knowing that once the beast had realised their true intentions, would bite his hand off in its huge jaws. As a result Tyr has a mechanical, prosthetic arm, a constant reminder to others of his bravery.

The model has been sculpted in 'true scale', the model is 45mm tall to eye level and 55mm tall at the tallest point.

Some 'cleaning' of the resin parts is required as with all models. The model is supplied unpainted and requires glue to put together.

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Space Viking Tyr. Standard Bearer

  • £25.00